Monday, 25 June 2012

Love Japan?

Dreaming of Japan. So many of us do it. Maybe it's the history, the modern culture, the language, the anime, the fashion, but something about Japan hooks in so many people from around the globe. From that point on, whether we've travelled there or not, we're stuck with Japan daydreams.

I had carefully planned and saved for my first trip to Japan for 4 years while studying and working part time. By the time I got there I thought I couldn't possibly have planned more, but of course that beautiful country threw as many curveballs at me as possible. I was thankful for some of the planning I had done, but the unplanned parts turned out to be some of the best. I had the wonderful visit to Japan I'd always wanted, so surely I should be content, right? Not so for the Japan lover. The new and unexpected things I saw just taught me how much more I wanted to see.

So here I am, back at home, dreaming of returning to Japan in any way possible. Teaching english, transferring to a Japanese office, trading my furniture for more travel money, it all seems logical for a second before reality hits again. For many of us these are long term dreams, and as much as we'd like to leave our jobs and head overseas, we need to wait for the right time. Until then I'll be here, writing about my past experiences, favourite places, travel tips and yearnings. From travel-hungry families to obsessive lolitas and aristocrats, foreign language students to vintage toy and video game collectors, anyone who is or wishes to be suffering from Japanese daydreams: welcome.

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